Saints Around the World

A combination of Theology and Geography in One Box!


1. Subscribe!

Choose a Bimonthly plan for your budget and Subscribe to "Saints Around the World!"  Boxes will be shipped by Priority Mail with Free Shipping!

2. Box is Packed!

We pack your box with beautiful and fun items for each saint including a world map and a special Passport booklet for that first box!

3. Enjoy!

Your box arrives!  Your children will have a blast learning about the saint and his/her country or state. At the same time, $4 has been donated to the "Culture of Life Studies" program!

Start your family on this adventurous journey to Heaven, with the Saints as their guides!

**Our next box for September/October will feature Saint Sergius of Radonezh. To receive this box in the beginning of September, please order by August 8th!**

Pictures of the new box will be posted at this link near the end of July:

There is also a facebook page with the address:

**Special Edition boxes of St. Faustina and Angels are available to view in the "Shop" link at the top of this page.  The Angel and St. Faustina boxes will ship out 2-3 weeks after an order is placed.  Extra boxes of past products will soon be added to this special "Shop" section!

All boxes are shipped out with Priority Mail and no subscription is needed for these Special Edition boxes!**


How often will I get this box?

Your box is shipped every two months.  The 2020-2021 boxes are September/October, November/December, January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August etc. The box will arrive in that first week, at the beginning of the two month span. For example, you will receive the November/December box within the first week of November and the next box will be shipped at the beginning of January.

What is the "Culture of Life Studies" program?

It is a wonderful program which creates materials that teach about the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.  This pro-life program is geared towards children and young adults.  With every box received, $4 is donated to their program.  If you buy a 6-box Subscription, your child will have donated $24 to the "Culture of Life Studies" by the end of the subscription! To find out more about the program, please visit their website at 

What's in the box?

Each box contains a beautiful, kid-friendly, saint statue, a story about the saint's life, various activities related to the saint, and a special fact card about the saint and his/her country or state.  Plus, a world map to track the saints and a special "Passport" are enclosed in the first box. 

What is the best age range for this subscription?

While it definitely depends on each child, I would suggest that children ages 7-11 might use the box more.

*Please contact Melissa with any further questions at